NB Kids Directors

   Caren Wilbert & Karen Poe  are our Children’s Directors POE, Karen WILBERT,Caren (Staff)18

Since the church was founded in 2007 Caren and Karen have been in the position of Children’s Directors.  They have been best friends for many years and love working together to show children how much the Lord loves and cares for them. They both know that children are the future of the church and take this responsibility that the Lord has entrusted them with very seriously. K&c

‘Ms. Caren’ Wilbert has been happily married to Russell for 20 years. While not wrangling our children, Caren works full time as an Accountant for a local law firm.  She also has a photography business on the side.  Russell handles the audio/video systems in the church and many other ‘behind the scenes’ things. While they don’t have any children of their own, Caren and Ruseell  have ‘adopted’ all the children that are part of NBCC as their own.  These two are exceptional assets to our church!

‘Ms. Karen’ Poe has been happily married to Jeff for many years. Karen is a full time Medical Transcriptionist.  Her husband, Jeff currently serves as a deacon of the church. They have one dchristmasaughter, Brittany Teeter and  are about to become grandparents!  We couldn’t manage without Karen and Jeff! Praise God these two are following God in our church!!

These ladies are a special blessing to our church, they are fully active in other activities in the church as well as all the Children’s ministry functions.  Join me in praying for these two couples that they never run out of energy!   Many thanks!!

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